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In keeping with the Spirit of the West and writing inspirational poetry that breaks some of the normal poetry bonds in style and texture.  I have a unique way of capturing the essences and feeling of first person participle from third party vision.  Not only by the writing style but also attaching each poem to a specific type of stationary that captures the mood of the words and gives a pictorial setting of what is being conveyed in the writings.  Sometimes it is a sense of healing that the words bring to the receiver.  This style promotes Patriotic Inspirations by promoting honor, respect and dignity to our heroes past and present, along with Cowboy humor, Southwestern and Native American Spiritual Culture.  Our fore fathers had envisioned a life inspiring the values for life, liberty, happiness, and freedom.  The essences of Southwestern Native American Spirits have guided us in life, they are the spirit angels that surround us.  An almost forgotten generation of heroes that are being recognized for their sacrifices to the country we live in today.  These heroes whom have given our society the culture, freedoms and entertainment we enjoy from yesteryear to today.


Presently promoting a variety of my poetry items, I will be adding some Southwestern cultural items which will also promote the essence of the American Cowboy and Native Americans Indians.  And let’s not forget our American Veterans whom have sacrificed their freedoms so as we can live in peace and enjoy our freedom.  You will enjoy the value that it promotes and I hope you keep coming back to visit.


Honor - Respect - Dignity towards fellow veterans and family members of fallen soldiers. Letting them know that their sacrifices are not without cause. 


If you have a service member in your family then this is a place to visit.  My poem 'Tears of the Great Spirits' has been presented to two of our Nations First Ladies, Nancy Reagan and Betty Ford.   'Barely Known'  has been published nine times in seven news papers in two states in two years.  It has been presented to WWII War veterans along with Korea,Vietnam and Gulf War veterans of whom some were movie actors and a presidential candidate.  A copy of it is in the Legion of Valor Museum in Fresno, California attached to the Bell from the USS Menard APA 201, a troop transport ship used to transport supplies and servicemen to and from the coast of Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.  It has been presented to many of our current Gulf War veterans and I will soon be having a book released with a collection of my poems, food for thought, quotations, and collected poem that I have received over the years. 


Feel free to check out and shop my site and refer others as well.  As time passes I will have links to other websites with valuable information for service men and women and their families.  Don't forget to visit my guest book and sign up on my mailing list. 


The value in my works have been inspiring,  emotionally moving as well as providing a comforting and healing process with the day to day trials and tribulations that individuals  go through in a time of uncertainty.


I have been writing poems and inspirational verses senses 1998. If poetry isn't what you are looking for in a spiritual sense consider amateur wine making it is enlightening and conversational.  I am an award winning amateur wine maker as well and have many recipes that might be worth your while.  I have been into amateur wine making for about ten years, achieving one gold, six silver and fifteen bronze metals.  Like an old cowboy, my experience just gets better as time goes on.  Poetry sturs up some of the creativity in my wine makings.



Years ago I depended upon my uncle to help me out through uncertain times, a mentor you might say. Now I have become the mentor of many individuals whom have had a need for conversation, or just someone to be there to listen and give some guidance in their life.  My uncle also was an amateur wine maker though he didn't compete for any awards, he had a very large network of friendship.  Part of it was due to the wine he made and the rest was due to his pleasant personality to help others.  In some ways I have the same traits but express my emotions in writing as if the other person was their telling the story.  I have very strong values to family, veterans, and western culture.  So please help me stay busy producing more outstanding inspirational and spiritual products for individuals like you to enjoy.  In today’s world one needs to be diversified in knowledge and wisdom.





Check out the Samples of my work


It lets you see how I verbally express feelings through what I write as well as giving a pictorial presentation. When words of expression are lost in time, a rose will convey all the sentiment needed while one regains their composure.



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Kansas Honor Flight will be starting a new program for 2016 called Partnership in Patriotism.  We are looking for business that would like to sponsor at least one Veteran annually at a cost of $700 becoming a partner in our Patriotism program.  For more information, send an email to or go to


Kansas Honor Flight is proud to announce their affilliation again this year with Rusty Eck Ford and the Adopt-A-School Program.  For a $10 donation you can be entered into a drawing to win up to a $25,000 vehicle (Ford, KIA, Toyota or any one of many other modle manufactures on their lot).  All ticket donations sold by Kansas Honor Flight will go to this organization to support those veterans whom have not been to Washington DC to see their War Memorial.  For 2016 we will be finishing up sending the remaing WWII Veterans and Korean veteran's on our list and start the second flight with our Viet Nam War Veterans.  We have already booked dates for flights starting in April, May and June. Go to to get signed up and order your tickets for the car drawing which will be drawen 19 Dec 15. 

Check your local community for special Veteran's activities.  Don't forget about those that are deployed, they too need to see and hear from their supporters at home.


If you are having a gathering or celebration or a special event consider holding it at the American Legion Post 4.  We have a hall that is capable of holding 195 people and is available for rent to hold your special event. Book your party or your special event (wedding, reception, home coming, or family gathering) with us.  Call 316-262-8691 to book your event come out and check out our facility.




Operation Barely Known


On 2 Oct 2010 at the Troop Support Ride, "Barely Known" framed and autographed 11X14" sold for $230.00 and "My Final Ride" framed and autographed 8.5X11 sold for $100.00 brining a total of $330.00 for our troops.  In 2014, a 22"X28" framed portrait of "Barely Known" sold at Prairie Rose Supper Auction to benefit the Kansas Honor Flight sold for $250.  For 2015, there were two 22"X28" Portraits made to benefit the Kansas Honor Flight, one with "Barely Known" and the other "My Final Ride" were autographed by Honor Flight #26 members.  I plan to have both poems up for auction along with "Their Sacrifices" for 2016 and 2017 all are very powerful and moving. These portraits will be war era specific themes as shown above.  First one will be available for the 2016 Kansas Veterans and Family Reunion.  These portraits are a one of a kind and could be considered price less due to the Veteran's signatures of Honor Flight members.


The 29th Kansas Veterans and Family Reunion will be held at Lake El Dorado, Veterans Point from 15to 17 July 15.  More information will be posted the closer it gets to the date. 

For the Troops


God bless our troops and families by supporting the troops during upcoming holidays by sending cards and letters.  This means so much to each and every one of them.  Support your local veteran support agencies, Military bases and Veteran Hospitals, which are helping the wounded and injured, recover so they too have a wonderful year.  For all you veterans contact your American Legion Post or VFW Post nearest you for information on veteran’s benefits and if you are a member please make sure you have your current membership card.  Ride safe.