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Veteran Expresses Thoughts Through Poetry

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In May 2005, Lakoda Inspirations and Poems started to take shape as a result of a poem called "Barely Known."  After a short Memorial Weekend promotional trip through Oklahoma, I knew this poem was going to be something bigger than life just from the reviews I was receiving.  This poem was written after reading an article about a homeless Vietnam veteran whom had passed away 30 days earlier.  There was a lot of controversy in the local news about cruelty to animals and how these items got printed on the front page of the paper where as a veteran whom served his country was being shuffled to the Local & State section.  Parse being sweep under the carpets of society whereas very few knew of his service to country or of his passing.  There were two fellow WWII/Korea War era veterans that did some research to verify that he was a veteran.  They made sure this individual received what was due a fallen soldier, full Military Honors with Respect and Dignity.


Within two years this poem had been published nine times in seven news papers in two states with a coverage to tens of thousands of people.  In September 06 I had the privilege of meeting with the serving crew members of the USS Menard APA 201, and presented them a framed & autographed copy of this poem.  Reunion President Jesse Bailey and Vise President Harold Dinkel said they were overwhelmed and honored but didn't have any place to put it.  I suggested the same place as to where  the bell is housed in the Legion of Valor in Fresno, CA. They agreed with the provision that it will accompany the bell in the Legion of Valor.  Thus "Barely Known" was presented to the surviving crew members of the USS Menard on or about 23 September 2006.  It is to accompany the bell of the USS Menard when on tour for special occasions with Veterans and Veterans Parades.


My company was started to pay Honor - Respect - Dignity to fallen and injured heroes. One way of doing this was through the poem called "Barely Known" of which I try to present it to fellow Veterans and our American Heroes.  In Oct 2005, the Patriot Guard was founded in Mulvane, KS.  Its first mission was in Oct 2005 supporting a fallen soldier in Oklahoma.  This group supports the families of fallen soldiers, veterans and members of the Patriot Guard.  I am a part of this unique group of Veterans serving Veterans with Honor and Respect.  There is a web site that also honors our aging heroes of past wars at or  Which was founded in Oct 2005, by Dr. Sam and it is an awesome site.  There is a petition going around to Honor and Remember veterans with a unique flag called Honor and Remember, it can be viewed at  Also visit for information on veterans groups helping veterans.






Lakoda Inspirations parallels the Patriot Guard's mission showing respect and honor to fallen soldiers and support their families and their community by attending funerals as invited guests of the families.  To welcome home and provide to as many soldiers (and fallen soldiers and their families) some comfort and healing just as in my words of inspirational writings.  The sale of my poems will give me the ability to be able to reach out to more individuals and provide an even greater area of support.  To those whom have sacrificed their lives, limbs and sanity for such a noble cause in preserving peace and freedom for a country they so love.  Currently I have 47 poems written and just about as many more collected along with words of wisdom and food for thought that is being captivated into a book of which will be released at a future date.  Up to this date I have been able to present my poems to notable individuals such as Actors:  Dale Robertson (Death Valley Days, Tales of the Wells Fargo) and Bill Hail (B Western movies) both WWII veterans.  Along with Robert Fuller (Wagon Train), Peter Brown (Laredo) both Korea War veterans, and John McCain (US Senator, Vietnam veteran & POW).  Posthumously to Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford past US Presidents.  Along with several of our Gulf War veterans and their families.  See my recipients page for additional presentations.


Company History


My company Lakoda Inspirations has been around for just a short time but has covered a lot of ground.  With poems in the Hall of Valor in Fresno and Ronald Reagan's Presidential Library in Semi, Ca., Gerald Ford's Presidential Library in Lancing, MI., Gene Autry's Museum in Gene Autry, OK., several American Legion Posts in Kansas and Nebraska.  I am the sole owner, located in the heart of Kansas or what could be considered

the center of the United States and the air capitol of the world, Wichita, KS.


I am in no way associated with the American Indian Tribe of the Lakota Sioux Indians nor do I imply such.  My writing style has the essence of Indian Spiritual Culture, of which I have studied as a youth growing up in Nebraska.  I enjoy Southwestern culture and the era of the Cowboy. 


Customer Testimonials

"Bud...Your poems really have insight...You can tell you feel them...Keep it up."  Signed Cornbread, Radio DJ and Announcer, KFDI Fm Radio, Wichita, KS. 19 Mar 04.


"Your poems truly touched the heart - what a treasure.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness" The Simard Family, 1 May 08.


"Your inspirational poems are a comfort beyond words.  Your poems will be my treasure in the days & years to come!!  Forever grateful," Dianne Stearns, 11 May 08.


"Privileged are we to receive the stunning gift of your splendid writings.  You spoke of how touching the entire fabric of your words are - we contend that we find them to be exactly that.  Our thank you seems lacking in significance for this valued gift of yours.  We are overwhelmed with the gift of your talent in poetry.  Also our hearts are swelled by the unspoken charity of the 'Patriot Guard Freedom Riders'.  This groups definition is the pinnacle of patriotism and respect for our fallen troops.  God Bless!" Elise & Charles Tincher, 13 Sept 08.


"I did not want the end of the year to pass without taking the time to thank you for writing to me to express your sympathy after my husband's death. Your thoughtfulness at this sad and difficult time is very comforting.  All the kind words and support I have received remind me how much my husband was expected and loved by so many people around the world.  I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers."  Sincerely Ms. Nancy Reagan, 29 Dec 04.