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Lakoda Inspirations

Veteran Expresses Thoughts Through Poetry

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The value in this site is unto the beholder bringing peace and healing while expressing your emotions for that special loved someone

What I have to offer the customer today might be food for thought.  Some day will come and you will want something special to give to that special person, a Veteran, a family member just to say "Thank you I have been thinking about you and this is what and where my thoughts of you have taken me. Over the years we have had many conversations on life, but I had never really stopped and listened to what you told me about your service time and for that I just wanted to give you a special something". My poems say that and much much more.  They have a emotional healing in them and each person is effected differently by the same poem.  I take pride and honor in our Veterans, country and home made pies and my poems relay that information to the receiver.
I have been writing inspirational poems sense 1995 and officially in business sense 2005 and my commitment to customers is providing them with a product they will endure for years to come and that will leave a lasting memory to and for the one they are purchasing a product for.  I am in the process of putting all my inspirational writings, inspiration's I have collected, along with some food for thought, and 98% politically free content. I have it in book type format and will be putting it in a CD package shortly.  In my book I do make a closing statement about the political world that encompasses the WAR ERA's from WW1 to the present. Be sure to tell visitors about your approach to business, your values, and your abilities.


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